As Trump Pushes for In-Person Debate, Doctor Gives Him Green Light

‘Big Oil knew’: Environmental group’s ad targets energy companies, and Trump.

Amid the chaotic news cycle of the election, there has been some groundbreaking reporting from Bloomberg News about what Exxon and other oil companies knew about climate change, and how they spent billions to bury the information. Now the L.C.V. Victory Fund, the super PAC allied with the League of Conservation Voters, an environmental group, is taking the issue to the presidential stage, to Big Oil, and to President Trump.

The Message

It’s a familiar, and potent, attack often levied against corporations that profit while damaging public health: Wealthy executives are never made to feel the true repercussions of their actions.

Fact Check

Mr. Trump did indeed call global warming a hoax on the campaign trail in 2015. And his administration has rolled back more than five dozen environmental regulations, according to a tally kept by The Times.

Where It’s Running

A $2 million campaign on national cable, as well as digitally in Arizona, a swing state that Mr. Trump won in 2016 but where Joseph R. Biden is now leading in polls.

The Takeaway

Climate change is among the most important issues to young voters, and the threat to the global climate, with the daily reminders of vast wildfires and powerful hurricanes, is a galvanizing force this election cycle. Directing that energy in the electorate at villainous wealthy executives and tying them to Mr. Trump directly injects the president into a situation most voters recoil at: the wealthy taking advantage of the rest.

Arizona draws Biden, Harris and Pence, all with their eyes on the potential prize.

Vice President Mike Pence, Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Senator Kamala Harris all touched down in Arizona on Thursday to rally supporters, a sign of the increasingly pivotal nature of a historically Republican state that is now up for grabs.



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