Questions raised about Arizona Republicans endorsing Biden for president

By: Dennis Welch

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — When Barack Obama ran for president in 2008, he used to brag about not taking money from lobbyists. Now, as his former vice president is running for the highest elected office in the country, Joe Biden is bragging about the lobbyists who are endorsing him in Arizona.

On Monday, the Biden campaign released a list of more than 50 Republicans in the state who are throwing their support behind the former VP.

According to the Secretary of State’s and City of Phoenix’s websites, more than a dozen of the people on that list were registered as active or inactive lobbyists.

It’s a fact that disappointed progressive groups like LUCHA who are questioning why the Biden campaign would align itself with some of the Republicans on the list.

“Our folks are not donors; they are not the political class; they’re not lobbyists, not attorneys. They are everyday Arizonans that are being impacted by COVID that are struggling with their healthcare and access to affordable education. So I look at this list and this campaign is bigger than that but I was disappointed,” said Randy Perez, a spokesman for LUCHA.

Perez said he and his organization still plan to support Biden this year.

In response to any criticism, the Biden campaign released a statement that reads:

Joe Biden is putting together a broad and diverse coalition across Arizona. From Republicans to independents to Democrats, Arizonans are tired of Donald Trump’s failed leadership on the COVID-19 pandemic, and they’re supporting Joe because they know he’s going to restore the soul of our country and help us build our country back better.

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