School Counselors Statement on Landmark Education Budget

January 18, 2019, Phoenix, AZ — — The Arizona School Counselors Association (AzSCA) issued the following statement in response to Governor Ducey’s FY2020 budget:

“We cannot express our incredible excitement and gratitude that Governor Ducey’s budget is to include, for the first time, dedicated funds for the hiring of additional school counselors through a grant program. This historic decision is welcomed in a time when students and school counselor educators have reached overwhelming ratios — placing Arizona last in the nation with a 903/1 student-to-school counselor ratio.

This initial commitment is essential to bring awareness to decision makers on the need for more school counselors. We play a critical role to serve and teach students in safe environments, where we can address their social/emotional needs, increase academic achievement and work to build college and career readiness.

Our sincere thanks go out to Governor Ducey, along with Senator Sean Bowie and Representative Jennifer Pawlik. Senator Bowie and Representative Pawlik have championed this issue at the legislature and are working diligently on policies to clarify our role, advance respect for the profession and reduce our ratios.

We appreciate these decision makers’ advocacy on behalf of our profession, and for their willingness to listen to the students who made clear the need for more school counselors. We cannot wait to work together on the details of this milestone that places school counselors in the budget and statute for the first time.”


The Arizona School Counselors Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization representing Arizona school counselors. We are comprised of an elected board, several appointed positions, and a handful of community liaisons. We support school counselors through professional development, resources, and

advocacy at the state and national level. We empower school counselors to lead systemic change by delivering to all students an ASCA National Model Program, aligned with state standards for academic, social/emotional, and career development.

Creosote Partners is an Arizona firm focused on legislative advocacy, coalition building, and strategic communications.

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