• LCV Victory Fund is investing $1.7 million in digital GOTV ads and $2 million in GOTV direct mail to educate and mobilize voters to vote for Biden-Harris and their pro-environment Senate candidates.
  • Over the past week we’ve launched digital GOTV ads in Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. New GOTV ads include:
  • “Science” (Running in IA, MI, NC, WI, FL)
  • “Three Ways To Vote” (Running in MI)
  • “Defend Our Environment” (Running in MT)
  • Our $2 million GOTV direct mail program will include multiple rounds of mail to key voters in Florida, Iowa, Maine, Montana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to remind them about how to vote in their state and the stakes of this election.
  • We dropped our first GOTV mail piece, “We can’t wait to vote”, in IA today and it will drop in NC, PA and WI soon.
  • In Florida, we are partnering with Somos PAC to send GOTV mail to Latinx voters in the Miami area — the first piece will drop tomorrow, 10/14. We are also partnering with NextGen America to send a pro-Biden mailer to young voters across Florida starting next week.
  • LCV VF began its ballot curing efforts in Florida this week. Our field team is now contacting Florida voters (via phone and text) whose ballots have been rejected in order to assist them with the process of curing their ballots to ensure their votes count.
  • And other big news this week on our call program — we are adding South Carolina! We will be starting GOTV calls to support Jaime Harrison for US Senate and make sure voters across the state know how and when they can vote.
  • Over 3.9 million get out the vote calls
  • Over 94,000 individual conversations with our targeted voters
  • Of the voters we’ve spoken with over the phone, 78% committed to vote by any method and 56%committed to vote by mail
  • AZ & National Presidential — $2 million national cable and Arizona digital ad campaign to defeat Donald Trump (and Big Oil) and elect Joe Biden. Read more here.
  • CO-03 — $2.2 million digital and TV program to defeat Lauren Boebert in partnership with House Majority PAC and WOMEN VOTE!, the independent expenditure arm of EMILY’s list. The LCV VF funded ad will start next week. Read more here.
  • IA Senate — $1.2 million direct mail campaign in opposition to Sen. Ernst’s re-election campaign. Read more here.
  • SC-01 — $70,000 radio ad in partnership with NRDC Action Votes to mobilize Black voters in support of the Lowcountry’s pro-environment Congressman Joe Cunningham. Read more here.
  • MT-AL — $260,000 joint radio ad with House Majority PAC in opposition to Matt Rosendale’s campaign against pro-environment candidate Kathleen Williams for the vacant House seat. Read more here.
  • WI Presidential — $50,000 digital ad featuring a testimonial from Tia Nelson, daughter of Earth Day Founder and former U.S. Senator for Wisconsin Gaylord Nelson. Read more here.




Creosote Partners is an Arizona firm focused on legislative advocacy, coalition building, and strategic communications.

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Creosote Partners

Creosote Partners

Creosote Partners is an Arizona firm focused on legislative advocacy, coalition building, and strategic communications.

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