‘Your vote is your voice’: Getting out the Latino vote in Arizona

by UnidosUSblog

As early voting kicked off this week in Arizona, UnidosUS President and CEO Janet Murguía traveled to the state to meet with community leaders and UnidosUS Affiliates in advance of this critical election.

Arizona will by a majority-minority state by 2023. And with a median age of 29, the Latino community in Arizona is young, and their engagement is very important for this and future elections in the state.

Here’s a look at some of our activities in the Grand Canyon State.

On Wednesday, Janet met with Latino leaders in Arizona to discuss issues impacting the community as well as the importance of get-out-the-vote efforts in the state. As we noted in a recent blog post on the Arizona Senate race, we still face challenges as candidates from neither party are directly addressing our community’s needs and issues. It remains important for Latinos and all Americans to be engaged in the political process so that policymakers from both sides of the aisle will pay attention to the issues that are affecting our families.

The following day, Janet visited Valle Del Sol Community Health Center, an UnidosUS Affiliate in Phoenix. The roundtable at Valle Del Sol was focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the importance of flu shots being accessible as we head into this year’s flu season.

Latinos are disproportionately frontline and essential workers, which means that our community is more likely to get sick. And because we’re less likely to have insurance, we’re more likely to have to go to work and spread the virus onto others. Our community’s health and well-being is always important, but now, as our country deals with both COVID-19 and the flu, addressing our unique needs is key to being able to fully re-open.

Janet also visited another UnidosUS Affiliate, Promise Arizona, for a texting party encouraging eligible members of our community to make sure they’re registered to vote and to make a plan to vote this election season.

You can learn more about what UnidosUS is doing to engage our community in the 2020 elections and make your own plan to vote at adelanteunidos.com.

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